At Mendes Consulting, we can guide you through many challenges that arise from starting and running a business. Specializing in permits and business licenses for the cities in San Gabriel Valley, we make starting a business seem effortless. Our network of commercial realtors makes it easy to find your ideal location, in a building that allows your business type. From the very beginning we can give you an estimated cost breakdown to let you know of all the regulatory and leasing costs you are to expect. Depending on your business type, we also inform you of specifics to be aware of (local ordinances, additional permitting, and special city tax rates for that business type) that most people don’t see right away when starting their business. We also provide services once your business is up and running that can include equipment acquisition, staffing assistance, training assistance (in-house/third party referral), new regulation/local ordinance guidance, and much more. No task or business type has ever seemed to large to handle, but we do like to point out that our current specialty in the area includes: restaurants, massage establishments/spas, clothing stores, grocery stores, shipping centers, and manufacturing warehouses. Give us a call, tell us your vision, and we will map out the route to getting there!